Giro Montara MIPS Helmet

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Giro Montara MIPS Mountain Bike Helmet - Matte Black/Bright Pink

There's not much in the way for a proper women's mountain bike helmet. Giro saw this need and created the Montara, a women's specific helmet that gives the comfort and safety we desire in any helmet. Based of the very popular Montaro, the Montara includes the vast array of features we've come to love from Giro. Deep coverage around the back of the head and along with MIPS, a multi-impact protection system, protects your head from impacts and rotational forces greater than most traditional helmets. So no matter how fast or rowdy you get out there on the trails, the Montara gives you that peace of mind you look for. 

Strategically placed air vents give you the air flow you need on those scorching summer days by creating a wind tunnel that flows over the top of your head. Combine that with the hydrophilic, anti-microbial padding and you have a helmet that stays fresh and won't stink up your gear bag. 


  • P.O.V. Plus visor adjustment
  • Hydrophilic, anti-microbial padding
  • Full camera mount integration
  • Full goggle integration with strap grippers
  • Women's Series
  • MIPS (Multi Impact Protection System)

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